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Legislative and regional elections: ANCE-Togo calls for respect of electoral integrity

Legislative and regional elections: ANCE-Togo calls for respect of electoral integrity

In this sensitive period when electoral campaigns are taking place on the national territory in view of the legislative and regional elections of April 29, 2024, ANCE-Togo urges the entire political community to respect electoral integrity.
Nothing arouses energies, concerns, hopes and frustrations relating to democracy as much as an election. The quality of an election can make all the difference between a cooking fire and an explosion. A successful election can pacify and unify a nation (Namibia 2015), an election with disputed results can divide it (Burundi 2015, Côte d'Ivoire 2010, and Kenya 2008). 
With legislative and regional elections due to be held in our country on April 29, 2024, the Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI) is focusing all its energy on preparing and organizing these elections. A number of activities have been carried out to this end by this institution, including the revision of the electoral code, the voter census, the updating of electoral lists, the training of electoral agents, etc.
ANCE-TOGO, Transparency International's West Africa Hub, while welcoming the ongoing efforts to make such elections free and transparent, calls on all political parties and the Independent Electoral Commission (CENI) to respect the integrity of the electoral process, the fairness of the candidates and the transparency of the outcomes. Disastrous management of the electoral process can lead to electoral fraud, political alienation, public distrust, frustration and violence. 
ANCE-TOGO believes that the free and fair elections called for by the African Charter on Democracy, Elections and Governance depend on efficient election management, supported by efforts to raise public awareness and strengthen public confidence, fairness and respect for the rules of the game by all political parties.

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