ANCE comprises six (06) bodies which are: (1) General Assembly (G.A.); (2) Board of Directors (B.O.D.); (3) Executive Secretariat (ES); (4) Scientific Committee (SC); (5) Specialised Commissions (SCp).

The General Assembly

The ordinary General Assembly is held every two (02) years. It appoints the members of the Board of Directors, approves the audited reports and accounts, approves the modifications and clauses of the organisation's constitution, etc.

The Board of Directors

The BD is composed of eleven (11) members including a President, a Treasurer, a Secretary General and eight (08) other members, all elected by the General Assembly, for a term of two (2) years renewable once. 

The Scientific Committee

The SC is the body in charge of the orientation, the approval of the themes and the findings of research and reports. It is composed of nine (9) members.

The Executive Secretariat (ES)

The ES is the executive body of the organisation. It is responsible for Coordination, Networking and Interconnections, Information sharing and Communication, Capacity Building, Studies & Research, Monitoring and Evaluation and Resource Mobilisation, staff management, etc.

Specialized Committees

Specialized committees are thematic groups within the organization, based on the expertise and common interests of the members. The following eight (08) Specialised Commissions are established: 

    • Grand Corruption ;
    • Illicit Financial Flows;
    • Beneficial Ownership
    • Asset Recovery & Asset Declaration ;
    • Green Corruption;
    • Transparency & Private Sector Integrity
    • Research & Development;
    • Transparency & Mining Governance.